Phew. 5 times the print, 5 times the fun! or maybe I was just lazy and just threw on everything I saw.

Polo, H&M | Lace dtop, Topshop | Shorts, Wet Seal | Floral Scarf, H&M | Leopard Print Scarf, Cotton On | Belt, Calvin Klein | Oxfords, Forever 21 | Bag, American Eagle

Wore this to lunch with my girls Rocky de Castro and Tracy Ayson. I was two hours late. (yep, bad Alyssa.) but they totes waited for me. They are the sweetest. 🙂

I got to SoFA at around 2pm and instead of going straight to lunch, we stayed a bit more to take outfit shots! HAHA Ate a huge meal at Whistlestop and went straight to Miss B’s Tuckshop to get a taste of the best smoothies ever!! I had PB&J while Trace had the Roasted Marshmallow smoothie.

Here are the pictures. Had so much fun with you two! Let’s do this again SOON! See you girls tomorrow (tonight actually, since it’s 2 AM). haha Love you both! 😀 to more awesome lunches/events/anything with you girls <3

All pics are from Tracy. Thank you love! 🙂

btw, if you wanna see how cheesy my best friend Rocky is, check out her post here. I was so touched babe, i love you 🙂

BTW, I loved what they wore that day. Don’t you? they made me feel so underdressed. hahaha