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team manila1Chronology is not my forte, obviously, as I’m jumping countries again by way of my blog posts. If my passport travelled as often as the timeline I’m trying to keep on track but can’t thanks to my countless backlogs, I’d be pretty happy.

Anyway, here’s a quick post in Michigan where I generously paraded our national hero’s face on my chest. Not that any American would’ve recognized him but still. I love wearing bits and pieces of Manila wherever I go. This one just happened to be a little too nationalistic. But the raglan cut seemed to balance everything out.

Talked more about screaming “Philippines” in one’s wardrobe in what we can dub ‘Fashionalism 2.0’. Check out the post here.

Top, TEAM MANILA | Skirt, H&M | Bag, ALEXANDER WANG | Shoes, SUITEBLANCO | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN