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Rags 2 Riches is one of my all-time favorite local brands. I’ve been working with independent local brands for a few years now for events, etc., and when I get the chance to chat with them, Rags 2 Riches almost always comes up as one of their local inspirations not just because of the products but because of the social purpose that drives the brand.

True enough, I too think that when it comes to creating a sustainable community, Rags 2 Riches is leading the pack and is not only making helping fashionable but also paving the way for socio-entreprenuers in the country. The newest collection called Ampersand is modeled by their newest ambassador, Kim Jones, who is absolutely adorable and perfect for the brand. The collection, designed by Chris Cera, is a convertible collection – each bag transforms to about 3 or 4 different styles by zipping/unzipping/folding/buttoning.

And because I need to talk about my outfit – I planned on just wearing a loose button down ’til I saw a thick ribbon lying around. Threw it on, tied it into a bow and called it a day. Button-downs and bows are becoming a new favorite although just how many button-downs I feel I can invest in is still a little blurry to me. I’ll take it a polo at a time. Wore my Rags 2 Riches X Aranaz Nudos bag (where I was a muse – won’t forget that!) because the launch was held at the same place with the same brand after 2 years and it felt good to kind of look back and reminisce and see how far R2R has gone since.

Check out the new collection with Kim Jones over at http://ampersand.rags2riches.ph. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a style that resonates with you. Sneak peek below.