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Rainy days always leave me inappropriately dressed. Or maybe more of immensely uncomfortable and sometimes immobile. Puddles of water are fought with the supposed grace of a ballerina but I fall short every time and succumb to its splashes instead. (Should’ve taken ballet seriously back when I was five.) Even worse are the actual thick and constant raindrops that seem to find its way to the very middle of my head and down to the laptop in my always open tote. Unwise, I agree, but somehow I always feel like my gentle hug is enough to envelope what shouldn’t get wet. Again, I’m proven wrong.

This time though, armed with new shoes from Native, I got over my faux-ballet jumps (and consequent fails.) I didn’t necessarily mean to wear it out in bad weather, bad weather just so happened to descend upon us. Still, I was worry-free with no fear of suede getting wet or other materials getting damaged.

Wore a tunic for a lazy day that proved to be comfortable though otherwise cold come precipitation. Interestingly, it was Hawaiian inspired and didn’t necessarily match the weather but reminders of sunnier days are always welcome. I did have a jacket that I grabbed on the way out the door that wasn’t photographed because it made no sense outfit-wise other than it was practical.

You see, we bloggers (or hey, maybe it’s just me), also look uncoordinated sometimes. I’ll leave you with that.


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