Continuing my Instax Style Series with a quick post on this retro inspired look. Although its being retro was mostly a result versus a conscious influence. Threw on my favorite new Forever 21 leatherette midi skirt and paired it with a top revived from I don’t know when. I may have issues with letting go of items and while it’s seen as a negative most of time, unexpected twists in outfits prove my hoarding addiction can be benefited from. By me, mostly.

Speaking of hoarding, I’m basically surrounded by boxes and cartons and even more stuff to put stuff in. I seriously need some time to clean and cleanse but that time maybe equates to a week and I don’t really have the luxury of taking a week off my life just to de-clutter. Or is that a valid get-out-of-work card? “I’m cleaning”?

Anyway, if you have any tips on where and how to start, what to do, and other things you think can help my seeming constant attraction of clutter,  leave me a message. I’d be forever grateful.

I did start by buying masks and gloves (#allergictodust). The intent is there, guys. The willpower to push through, just not as much.

And when push comes to shove, I will stand by my decision to keep certain pieces of clothing that I should, under the tenets of logic, let go of and will go back to this post as virtual proof that saving and rekindling pieces may lead to cool outfits. Evidentiary support by way of blog posts? Totally on board this digital age.

Skirt, FOREVER 21 | Glasses, FOUR EYES PH 

photos by Paul Mendoza