Hello loves! I am determined to flood you with pics from events. haha kidding. 🙂

Have you heard of Rio Mints? I haven’t before this week but once I tasted the mints, I couldn’t stop eating more. haha but I’m getting waaay ahead of myself.

SoFA tied up with Rio Mints for the brand’s launch last Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at Robot Bar, Makati. 6 students were asked to create pieces for the event that showcased the colors of the products. Candy + Fashion = Perfection. haha Went to the event with fellow bloggers and enjoyed the food, the show and of course, the mints!

The brand launched their six flavors: Burgundy Grape, Green Tea & Peppermint, Honey Melon, Cool Peach Jasmine, Pink Grapefruit and Juicy Lychee! My personal favorites are the Honey Melon and Juicy Lychee. Although I have yet to try Grape and Peach. 🙂 These mints are addicting though! You really taste the fruity flavors but at the same time the mint feels really fresh. Plus, check out the packaging. It’s gorgeous. AND. you slide it to open. how sosyal! 😀

Here are some shots. 🙂

Group shot! Student designers and their models! 🙂 Good job everyone!

With beauuuuutiful designer, Nico Aquino (who made the first dress I posted) and partner-in-crime/rio mints buddy/fellow creative well (HAHA), and equally beautiful Guia Alvendia. 🙂 

With fellow bloggers, Guia and Shen

With gorgeous SoFA-mate, Jan Aranilla

Host of the day, Ms. Bianca Valerio. I love what she’s wearing. 🙂

More gorgeous ladies! My personal favorite, Ms. Amina Alunan-Aranaz with the head of Rio Mints, Ms. Joni Ong
Guess who I saw? Francis Garcia. 🙂 I missed you babe!

Clothes: Top, Forever 21; Pants, H&M; Heels and Scarf, Parfois

Shot taken by Guia. Thanks, dear! 🙂
and some random pic of me posing. haha

Rio Mints are available in convenience stores already. Seriously though, they really are delish. 🙂