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Originally planned on taking these photos at Ateneo’s grade school playground area ’til I realized my minimal fabric count might be too scandalizing to a child so hopping off to a different building was a must.

It felt very rebellious to have maximum skin exposure at a place with so many sartorial boundaries. I despised dress codes, you see. So a no sleeveless, nothing shorter than 3 inches above the knee, and – at the time this was deemed with utmost importance -a no slippers ruling in college made it very difficult to dress up daily. I had to resort to throwing long skirts (even pants, sometimes) over whatever skimpy bottom I was wearing to enter certain buildings – most especially faculties.

I guess to some extent I will never fully recover from feeling momentary panic at seeing a Manong Guard (aka violator-catcher) so I tried to inject a proper dose of formal into my outfit – just in case I get hauled to some office (yes, three years after graduation I still have these delusions.) So thanks to my ForMe vest for being the sole garment I found comforting and, come accusation-time, probably even redemptive?

Seriously though, I missed Ateneo and shooting this there wasn’t some vengeful, in-your-face act. Still, it was rather fun parading my behind to heavily clothed kids. Must go back. I rather enjoyed the (s)troll.

Vest, FORME | Inner top, OLD NAVY | Floral shorts, SABRINA by TEENA TAN | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN | Metallic sandals, ASOS