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Not sure about you but I’ve personally associated trips to Tagaytay with amazing 3-hour lunches and the perfect time to blast music from the not-so-distant past (think: Spice Girls, Barry Manilow and all of Bon Jovi’s greatest hits) – the only time I could feel like a decent DJ where my music is actually appreciated instead of laughed at. Katy Perry seems to get more giggles than fist pumps.

With the idea of great food as my irresistible bait, I couldn’t say no to a Tagaytay proposition. For the first time though I did come prepared: with a blanket of a poncho that I kept tightly wrapped around me up until the moment I got back in the comforts of my temperature-controlled car. And for a person always dressed inappropriately for the weather, that was a huge pat on my now covered back. I even went the extra mile and brought my new Neon Island bag in one of my ultimate favorite icons – L.A.’s palm trees. I did hope that somehow a reference to summer would psychologically alter my body’s reception to the cold. It didn’t. Still, to me the stylish reminder of summer in the otherwise chilly cold was a wink to The Universe to bring on the perfect weather for summer outfits without the accompanying heaps of sweat. Let’s see how soon that happens. I trust the Universe will make room for my skin-baring summer outfits begging to be worn.

Dress, GIORDANO | Poncho, vintage | Bag, NEON ISLAND | Flats, COLE VINTAGE | Necklace, SKULL TAPE CLAY | Sunglasses, NAVA 

photos taken at Marcia Adams Tuscany