here goes my shameless plugging:

1. Please grab a copy of Status Magazine’s July issue. Why? well, 1) It’s awesome. 2) I have a small appearance in the mag and I’d really appreciate the support. 🙂 and 3) It’s awesome! HAHA My mom got super excited and grabbed a copy (already!). hahaha I am soooo happy I’m not that fat in the pic! i was really worried though that my ..ummm ..fats would be seen. teehee Ill share the feature in another post together with how the shoot went. 🙂 BTW, guess who’s on the cover!

The Misshapes! So go go go and grab a copy now. 😉

2. Alyssa Lapid now has her own FB Page! HAHAHA I’ll be announcing new posts, new outfits and other fashion/alyssa-related stuff in this page. 🙂 You can tag me, comment on anything and everything, and message me easily on this page. So please like it HERE. 🙂

3. If you aren’t satisfied with just updates about the blog and wanna get updates on my crazy life, you can also follow me on twitter HERE. 🙂

THERE. I’m blushing of embarrassment now but Ill definitely appreciate the love. <3 Thank you so much everyone! 🙂