As promised in my last blog post, here are those outfits!

Because coming up with outfits seemed like so much fun, Arriane Serafico – Ms. Wanderrgirl herself – and I decided to come up with 4 sets of outfits with each of us interpreting a certain piece according to our personal styles. To quote her, it was a “she said, she said style juxtaposition game.”

Our picks were a neon bangle by  Veva Deeluxe, a tribal print bag by VESTI, a crop top by Street Beat Boutique and Printed high waist shorts by Pinkaholic. 😉 And here are the outfits!! Arriane’s are the ones on the left and mine are on the right!

Pictures from | Design & layout by Arriane 

Now I’m really wishing I had all those pieces!

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