Cambodia has always been in my bucket list. Trying to recall why but nothing’s coming up. My bucket list is quite short too so this country being in it is a bit mind-boggling for me.

Before going into the beauty that is Cambodia though, meet the beauty that is the ‘Superfriends’ (don’t judge, our Calculus professor was the one who coined that). These girls, I met 6 years ago and despite only being together for our freshman year, it’s these girls I run to still when in dire need of putting life into perspective. Keeping myself from bragging but failing – I need to mention that they are the most intelligent, beautiful and passionate people I have met. I can’t put into words how much they inspire me so here’s a pathetic attempt – bio-style- to show you what they’re about and hopefully, have them inspire you as well.


This recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia was a trip of firsts for me and I will try to chronicle my experiences per day giving you tips that I assume would be relevant to you. This first one should be short – we flew in at 11:00 pm and didn’t have much to do to wake up in time for the temple tours the following day. Enjoy!

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1) don’t fly in at 11:00 pm like we did, unless you’re only goal is to party, then you’d land right on time.

2) Head to Pub Street (shoutout to Deej Fabian for the heads up!). What better way to get a feel of their night life than by going to the famous Pub Street where locals and foreigners alike hang out and let loose. Draft beers go for $0.50 (it goes without saying that this should be tried.)

3) Bring cameras at your own risk. The guards at the hotel advised us against bringing cameras hence the few and poorly taken pictures via phone. If chronicling your night is important to you (or if you don’t plan on going draft beer crazy) then bring em, by all means.

4) Don’t panic if one of your friends frigidly says that a woman is following you. You’ll probably find that it’s just a 7 year old kid begging for money. No need to have mini heart attacks like us.

5) Dance. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the street by yourself, if it’s in the street with  a random kid vendor teaching you her moves, if it’s in some club where you form a circle and go Gangnam crazy, or if it’s on some platform in some club with people with genders you aren’t quite sure of. Dance.

Number 5 is applicable anywhere, btw. Til the next.