As promised here’s the first of a two-part Singapore photo diary. Let me try as much as possible to make the sequence of photos comprehensible as opposed to a random dumping of the few photos I took.

The first few were taken in Haji Lane a short street full of independent fashion brands including what I deemed my favorite store in the street, Mod Culture. As proof, I bought a huge pair of woven earrings in bright green and blue despite not wearing both accessories and color. I would like to think of it as a change of heart versus my usual impulse shopping. Stopped by the Sultan Mosque area to have some coconut water and wandered in the area a bit more.

The next day was spent in Ion Mall which I only took a couple shots of as I was mostly preoccupied with the many, many designer stores that I each diligently entered. (see: photo of the Valentino store – a brand that almost always gets me emotional.) My mom and I spent about 6 hours in the mall and neither of us minded. Like mother, like daughter indeed. Should you shop in Ion (or any other store, for that matter) make sure you ask for the tax refund papers. 5% off is still something off and a price reduction of any amount can easily justify a purchase. My new purchase will be paraded in this blog once I get the courage to actually take it out of the box and use it. For now, I choose to keep it safe and stare at it from a distance.

Headed to Chinatown the day after for a quick lunch at PS Cafe and a quick walk around. Didn’t exactly temple hop, as was expected, but if you head to that area you probably should. Spent most of my trip eating – the sole purpose of us leaving. We may have been in the wrong country as my mom and I kept ordering Chinese and Thai food but it was a fun, belly-filling trip nonetheless.

More photos headed your way in the next SG post.

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