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I shot this outfit a couple weeks back but planned on wearing it at Bloggers United (which happened yesterday) so I kept the photos hidden for a while. I have no qualms about repeating outfits but I guess a lead time longer than 2 weeks is best especially with your eye for fashion. You guys are especially keen and observant.

Headed over to Pinto Art Museum which wasn’t what I expected at all. While museums are nourishing for the mind, highly cultural, historic and evoke emotions (whether that be a sense of nationalism or sudden grief in those that document death and disasters), Pinto was so refreshing. The pieces of art weren’t just on display, it coursed through the whole area with the beautifully designed spaces and gardens to the installations throughout. I felt transported, really. I do wish I could understand the psyche of the artists and their mindsets as they created the pieces on display but I guess that’s not how art is supposed to be digested. It’s a cool place, I highly recommend seeing it.

Wore my new favorite Klarra two-piece set – a beautiful look to match the beautiful background. Klarra is an online shopping destination from Singapore and their items are cool and well-tailored. I especially love the embellishments in these pieces and can’t wait to wear them separately too. Abusable pieces are my weakness. I got another outfit from them and I can’t wait to do the pieces justice and shoot them in another highly photographable place.

‘Til then, here’s me over-indulging my site with photos. My usual 3-4 photo sets got blown a bit out of proportion but I loved this shoot so you’ll see, by endlessly scrolling, just how much.