I’m a skilled shopper. With really bad eyesight (that seems to be getting worse), it’s surprising how keen my vision is in scanning racks upon racks of viable options to take home. Or maybe it’s my memory that’s to be credited for seemingly indexing each and every piece into my warehouse of a memory. (Just for clothes – memorizing other, more important stuff has never been my strong suit.) Either way, I’m a pretty intense shopper.

My skills were made manifest again recently while shopping at NAVA. I’ve been looking for skirt sets for a while now but haven’t really found any that’s either decent looking or within my price range. I don’t remember exactly how the outfit came about but I do remember seeing pieces from entirely different racks and, #truestory, having a fashion epiphany. Imagine Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed when she gets visions of the future. Hers are omens, mine are outfits. (Also, hashtag Throwback.)

Anyway, it’s not as cropped as I would want it to be but that’s mostly because I’m a midget. I guess the subtle peeking of skin is a welcome change from my overexposed stomach. Can’t believe I just strung together overexposed plus stomach but it’s also a year past the supposed end of the world and it’s also snowing in Vietnam so I guess we shouldn’t (or can’t) really expect anything but the unexpected.

So happy to have bumped into my newest favorite photog Ralph Mendoza at a shoot. I kind of willed him to come by way of the Universe but since we’re on the subject of witchcraft, maybe kind of like Prue Halliwell’s Telekinesis. Cornering him into taking my photos though is all me – no magic, just manipulation. I kid. It’s charm.

Here’s to the Universe throwing a photographer in my lap right when I need one (and am armored with a bloggable outfit) and to my selective eyesight performing best in times of spending.

Photos by Ralph Mendoza  (check him out on IG too @ralphmendo)

Sweater, Skirt, NAVA | Flats, PRIMADONNA | Sunglasses, SUNNIES BY CHARLIE | Clutch, SM PARISIAN