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It would be accurate to assume I’ve been living in Birks since the fashion industry or, more accurately, its global players have made it somewhat acceptable to do so. But slides have easily surpassed my love for Birks until my adorable yet destructive puppies gnawed at my Nikes and rendered them too tattered for public appearances and therefore shunned to the confines of my house.

Still, eyeing the occasional slide even with the risk of a puppy attack sometimes leads to a purchase. My recent one being these chunky white soled slides from Primadonna as part of their sports luxe pairs. The sports luxe or athleisure trend is something I could get behind because I do love being comfortable though I have yet to wear gym clothes out.

As per Nike’s CEO, “leggings are the new denims” and it’s just a matter of time before we see spin clothes out of the studio and on the streets this side of the globe. Can’t say I’m not excited, if just as a voyeur.


Photos by Paul Mendoza