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Lazy days call for minimal effort. And sometimes that equates to not wearing the usual amount of clothes that you normally would. Case in point: my lack of pants. This “dress” is actually a top and it’s pretty short but thanks to the resurgence of 90’s styling tricks, it was the easier choice to just throw over a denim jacket to cover areas that should be kept covered and walk out of the house with zero worries of pulling a Paris Hilton.

But let’s zoom in on the shoes. I don’t think I’ve ever worn loafers in my life but a recent trip to Hush Puppies changed that. I’ve been seeing loafers on my Insta feed for some time now. I mean, how can you come across those fur-lined Gucci loafers and not give a double tap or at least a double take? I just never thought that they would suit me. My usual psychology behind my aversion to closed flat shoes is that  -and this is possibly all in my head – they tend to make my size-6 feet look even tinier and my 5’2″ frame even shorter. Of course, I fell in love with the prospect of trying something new (it is the New Year after all and being brazen comes with the season) and actually got two pairs of loafers. Again, it’s Christmas and a time to #indulge so more than one gift to one’s self is completely acceptable. I didn’t realize that loafers could bring a level of nonchalance to a look. I used to think only pieces that leaned more towards street wear or loose-fitting bohemian choices could give a sense of effortlessness but loafers are apparently an easy yet incredibly chic touch. There’s a lot more looks that I’m extremely excited to experiment with using my new loafers. I even created a Pinterest inspiration board for it – my answer to most creative brain drains.

Anyone else here obsessed with the masculine slip-on shoe? Teach me your ways. I’m willing to be your padawan.

Denim Jacket by Levi’s | Loafers by Hush Puppies

Photography by Ber Garcia

This post was in partnership with Hush Puppies Philippines. Check them out for stylish and comfortable pairs at hushpuppies.com.ph