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Currently stuck in a coffee shop and feeling 1) extremely crippled thanks to my very limited (to none, really) internet capacity and 2) frustrated that my heels are unable to trot and fully display themselves elsewhere and get the admiration they deserve thanks to my rotting from sluggish internet.

See here’s the thing about bloggers – we have a lot of best friends. We’re best friends with our clothes, cameras (OR photographer friends), laptops, phones but more than anything else, we are the best of friends with our internet. We are, admittedly, often frenemies, especially when my Instagram photos won’t go through and I end up posting the exact same photo 5 times annoying the hell out of everybody. Right this instant though we’re more enemies than friends (read: coffee shop). What I am friends with is my own home provider – Sky Broadband. Their packages range from 5Mbps plans (for 15 GB) worth Php999, 10mbps (for 15 GB) for just Php1,299 to 200Mbps unlimited plans a month plus a bunch more in between to choose from. My favorite Sky Broadband fact though is them offering faster internet at more affordable prices (cue slot machine jackpot music). I personally like their 10Mbps for 35GB plan. At 2,299 a month my online needs are more than met – research is lightning fast, sending impossibly large files doesn’t take forever, posting (everywhere) is a breeze and multiple tabs on multiple windows (with videos, blogs, music, etc. open) don’t seem to slow anything down. As a slasher/freelancer, my internet is the hair to my Samson. Seriously.

Sigh. Just waiting to tick this last meeting off today’s agenda so I can finally frolic and show off aforementioned shoes. Or stomach – it’s already half exposed anyway. It might get more death stares than admiration but midriff gawks are more welcome than my own stares at the download percentage bars.

But if this keeps me prisoner for an even longer while, well, know that my midriff says hi.

Turtleneck cropped top, PROUDRACE | Skirt, FORME | Heels, RIVER ISLAND

ph: Ericka Bugia