Sinulog is in a few days and I can’t wait to visit Cebu and experience this much awaited festival. I’ve never been to Cebu and I’ve never been to Sinulog so I am ecstatic. So to show you exactly just how much, I didn’t just list down the festival essentials for you – I drew them, penned them and painted them for your pleasure – and I haven’t used watercolor in more than a year. That is how much.

So here are some things that I think would help out fellow Sinulog newbies in not making fatal wardrobe errors:


1. A big bag to house ALL your stuff that by day 2 you would probably realize you terribly overpacked. That’s fine. Don’t fret. We all do. 

2. Closed shoes. Preferably a pair you don’t mind getting ruined. 

3. A white t-shirt that would serve as a perfect canvas for paint. And to put it bluntly, yes, it’ll be the sacrificial lamb.

4. My Smart iPhone 5c for proper documentation. Along with a zip-lock bag that is. Unlike the shirt, I can’t afford to make this sacrificial. 

6.  A bikini to wear under that white t-shirt that will inevitably get massacred. Also, why not?

7. A saddle bag to sling over your body for easier party going. (You’re welcome.)

8. A plethora of sunglasses.

9. A watergun. (This was actually suggested by a friend and for that I am thankful.) We both/all need to get one. 

And, if you were wondering where number 5 went, well, it’s actually the white space symbolizing free stomach space to fit all that Cebu Lechon in. I haven’t packed a thing yet but this I will not forget (unlike how I forgot to include a number 5…)

So you finally pack right. You’re happy. But, the satisfaction doesn’t end there. Smart is giving you a bunch of perks and freebies so you (and by you I mean I) can enjoy Sinulog more with the new #SmartLiveAllOut passport. It contains all the places you should be and it allows you access to Live All Out hotspots, FREE shuttles to and fro said spots, entrance to parties and events AND more freebies in the form of, errr, drinks and other goodies you would definitely want to keep. All you need to do is load P100 for Smart subscribers (or get a Smart sim and load P100 if you aren’t). Easy.


#SmartBroLiveandLoud will also be taking Sinulog in the form of Cebu’s first ever interactive concert. Don’t miss Rico Blanco, Barbie Almalbis, Franco and a bunch more bands this Friday at Mango Square, Cebu. Also, don’t forget to visit for a chance to win one of six Smart Bro devices.

LAL Cebu

See you guys in #SmartSinulog! I cannot wait!