It’s been awhile since I last posted about school. So here’s a quick update now that all my midterm exams are over. 😀

Lemme show you some pics from my Philippine Fashion class. Truth be told, I never really appreciated Philippine costume/fashion before this class. But now that I’m taking it, I see myself drawing inspiration from the different elements. Plus, since we have to design almost every meeting, it’s nice to be able to test yourself and push yourself to do something unexpected.

Oh and it’s a favorite class coz Sir Danilo Franco’s my teacher. (sip sip! Hahaha) He’s one of my all- time favorites and he’s reaaaaaaaally good. Oh you have no idea how talented he is. And it’s not just me who thinks so, GMA does too. Check this out. He got featured in a show in GMA and here’s a picture when they were filming in school.

See the camera? Sir Dan is the one on the right. He was talking to someone from GMA.

So our lesson that day was the terno and how to modernize it. The terno is a traditional FILIPINA costume. You know, the one that Imelda Marcos usually wears. Here’s a sample below. (picture from google images)

Our task was to try to modernize the terno. This is what I did. Disclaimer: I am not a good illustrator. Bear with my skills. Hahaha My dresses were inspired by Kermit Tesoro’s studs and Katy Perry’s E.T. HAHA

And here’s Tippy‘s modern take on it. This girl is talented. HMPH. Hi, Tipps. Love you! <3

Cool right? Her drawings are soooooo tiny but the level of detail is intense. hahaha You already! 😀

For my Fashion Illustration midterms, also under Sir Dan, we had to come up with three watercolor pieces. One, a peacock and ostrich feather masquerade gown; two, a lace wedding dress with silk flowers; and three, a fur top and leather leggings ensemble. Sooooo after weeks – yes, weeks – of working on them was finally able to pass them yesterday. Here they are!

Hope you like ’em! 😀

oh oh oh and before I end this post, I’d just like to share my usual snack in SoFA. 🙂

My lunch is usually just a rice meal or some fattening fast food meal that we have delivered. But for my breaks I get Corndogs + Cake! hahaha Now you know why I get fat in school. haha

Posts on SoFA again soon! <3 I love my school. <3