Maxi Dress, Forever 21 | Shirt, Oxygen | Heels, Charels & Keith | Bag, China | Earrings, Applerust

Photos by mom. 🙂

Mass + lunch at Shangri-la earlier. Took quick photos while waiting for the valet service (which btw, sucks. it took forever and because they changed the place it felt like we were gonna get run over by the rest of the driving population. sheesh.) Anyway…

Just layered this loose shirt from Oxygen over my maxi dress to give it a different feel – as opposed to the summer vibe maxis usually give off.  Added tiny bits of color (blue [feather earrings] and [red lipstick]) to my otherwise monochromatic outfit.

And the coffee? Well I’m just collecting stickers for my second planner (for mom!). And Peppermint Mocha is THE BEST. I love this drink to the point that when it’s not Christmas I order Mint Mocha instead. But it would always lack that hint of sweetness. 🙁 So while they have it, Imma drink up like crazy! After, I shall go back to my regular programming of Happy Lemon’s Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese and Moonleaf’s Wintermelon Milk Tea. 🙂