I’ve been writing – and maybe in your eyes, ranting – non-stop about how my summer has been cut short (here and here). So I did what any like-minded defiant youngster would do – grabbed my beach bag, bathing suit and sunglasses and paraded to the nearest pool I could find (despite the rain a few hours prior). My efforts turned fruitful- that first dip in the pool so rewarding.

As much as I’d love to spend each week in the pool, the nagging issue I see in doing just that is that I’d totally run out of swimwear options. This was the first time I wore my new I Love Koi one-piece graciously gifted to me at the recent Bloggers United. After Boracay, I’ve completely let go of my ‘diet’ munching on McDonald’s around thrice each week (#truestory. Actually ordered pancakes just now). I need some serious bikini motivation to get back in shape and get my butt off the lounge and to the gym. Meanwhile, I’ll be wearing this one-piece that covers just the right parts and gives the illusion of a fit bod (I hope) with its placement of cut-outs.

Also, wore my new sunglasses from Shop YAWYW that seemingly covers half my face – which I like. I actually get a little iffy about half of my eyebrows showing. But that’s probably just me and my weird ways. They have the exact same pair in black and I feel slight remorse for not grabbing that too. Soon, hopefully.

I really wish I could be in water regularly. I keep saying this but water really is most calming for me. I recently downloaded this app that plays nature sounds and have been using the gentle waves to help me slumber. Try it! Or if that’s too much for you, then just head to the real thing and show nature that we know no summer break, that our bikinis are lined up for duty 365 days of the year and that we will always find a way to get chlorine/salt-water soaked.

One-piece, I LOVE KOI| Sunglasses, SHOP YAWYW