A few weeks ago, as I was walking to Carolina’s (you know, coz that’s my kind of store now. Haha), I found a store that caught my eye. And thank goodness my inner shopaholic couldn’t resist going in coz the moment I saw their collection of bags I knew I’d be going out kissing my moolah goodbye.

Parfois, which is actually French for ‘sometimes’, is a Portuguese brand. They have around 230 stores around the world but they just recently opened the first 2 stores in SEA – both in Manila. Apparently, Filipinos are more bag crazy than other nationalities. =))

So if you’ve never heard of Parfois, its totally understandable since the branch in Glorietta 4 just opened last July, and the one in Megamall just opened last Dec. 6. But if you haven’t been, I highly recommend you visit sometime soon coz they have an amazing collection of bags and accessories I’m sure any girl would love. Oh and the quality? Really good. That’s coz they get the products straight from their factory in Lisbon. But don’t worry, the prices are not that high. Bags range from Php1000-3000, scarves are usually less than 1000, shoes go from 1000-3000, accessories and sunglasses are usually less than 1000. Not bad, right? Let me show you some of their products. 🙂

I absolutely love this bag because of its quality. and look at that level of detail. It’s gorgeous.

See, they have really cute accessories too!

I would like to thank Ms. Kathrina Ocampo, Parfois’ store manager, for the very fun conversation we had and Ms. Che for being so nice about me doing the interview.

This is a picture of me with Ms. Kat

Clothes: Polo, Topman (I just borrowed it); Pants, H&M; Shoes, Parisian

I was supposed to blog this A LOT sooner but you know I’ve been a bit busy. Anyway, just so you know that it’s not just me who likes this store. I have two friends who, when I showed them pictures of the stores products, decided they were gonna buy the bag (one even went straight to Glorietta to get it. Haha) oh and they bought the same bag. HAHA

This is the bag that my friends loved.And here is my teammate, Patriz Dumlao, rocking the bag! Yes, I was serious when I said my friends bought it.

Bumping into someone with the same item shouldn’t be a problem though (well, generally it won’t) coz Parfois only releases around 5-6 items for each style. So you don’t have to worry about having that fashion blooper (unless of course my two friends meet. 😐 ) Plus, they release new products every 2 weeks. They’re even trying to make that every week. So there are always new items to choose from (which translates to more expenses for me. )

Here’s a picture of the bag I bought 😀

I use it everyday in the office. I think I can claim that I have the cutest laptop bag there.

Here’s the girl giving the bag I bought (HAHA)

If you liked what you saw, do check out the store. I think the new lines would be florals, romantic collections and panels of blue and gold.  Again there’s one in Glorietta 4 and one in SM Megamall 2/F. You can also like them on FB. 🙂

Happy shopping everybody! 🙂