During the last day of finals week (about two weeks ago), I was extreeeemely stressed out to the point of me being a brat. 😐

I had so many things going on and I was really worried about not being able to finish my sewing projects. To de-stress, the girls and I took pictures. 😀

Polo, H&M; Scarf, courtesy of Mango; Sunglasses and boots, Forever21

Photographed by the gorge Patricia Prieto (thank you, love, for always taking my outfit shots :D)

I remember screaming in frustration “My friends are always so pretty!!! my friends are so creative!!! my friends are so talented!!!” while heading out to our “shoot’s location” (aka the parking lot) because pano ba naman, it was finals week and Danika and Pat were all dressed up! :)) While the rest of us commoners looked like we had finals the whole month. hahaha so I was pressured to put on my Ruby Woo lipstick. 😉 hahaha love you girls <3

Here are a couple more pics from that day. 🙂

with clothev groupmates Mommy Jean and Inah 🙂

with Sir Aan Pineda, my sewing professor. 🙂

Friday was supposed to be my last day but I found myself still sewing til 5PM the following day. Sir Aan, I passed all my projects this time around!!! Im so proud of myself. haha 🙂

School starts again next week. Yes, my two-week sem break is almost over. But Im not sad at all. Extremely excited to see the girls again. <3

Post again soon. Off to an important shoot. 😉