In love with how this top from ForMe makes me feel – like a dainty lil’ lady. With all the beanies and tummy exposed outfits I’ve been wearing, the term “lady” rarely escapes my mouth (or, in this case, fingers) but there’s something so delicately elegant about this top that seems to command just the word. Unconservatively conservative (that triangular cutout so perfect), intricately simple – there’s just a paradox I can’t quite pin down. What I do know is the novel feeling is quite nice and will now always be welcome.

Also, if you were wondering, my jeans do have rhinestones. This pair was purchased in high school (about 8 years ago? I, at this exact moment, feel very old) when Nava was still Babo. Kept them since and once in a while I do bring them out. It is rather timely that there seems to be a resurgence of rhinestones on Fashion Week but in no way is this post a consequence of. I really just happened to have bejewelled pants (and I’m sure at some point you did too.)

There goes today’s post – with something new, something old (which I think sounds an awful lot like a Kris Kringle theme.)

Top, FORME | Jeans, NAVA | Heels, ALEXANDER WANG | Sling bag, MARGIELA FOR H&M | Sunglasses, RAY-BAN