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I wish these past couple weeks could’ve been spent looking out the window – peaceful, introspective and silent. Instead, it’s been a whirlwind. Among the good things, my blogging course is officially halfway through. I’m really enjoying teaching and sharing stories with people who are passionate about owning their space in the world wide web. I can’t wait to see their final output but I’m already extremely proud of my students.

Other areas of life have been pretty crazy and probably not in the way that anyone would like. Alas, such is life and one just has to plow through. I’m doing so in clothes that have the capacity to transcend moods and, in themselves, have the power to transform thoughts into sunnier dispositions. Maybe it’s why I chose to be swaddled in over-exposed sunlight. We’ll never know. Though if I do learn how to talk to my sub- & unconscious (via dreams too) that would be great. My interrogating tendencies can be better used understanding myself. Not that I don’t think about stuff enough. As a gemini that is pretty much all I do.

Anyway, going back to the topic of clothes, I was decked out in Pink ¬†Manila in two different instances (and in this top alone, even more). The top is so light that it brings a certain ease to the wearer. Not to mention grace and playful sophistication (there is such a thing). The skirt can also rival how delicate the curtains are with its lace-inspired print. You read that right, it isn’t lace at all. Anyone would’ve been fooled. And maybe that’s one of the reasons why I like it. Upon closer look one realizes that it’s a completely different material altogether – like its sole purpose is to break lace stereotypes.

Before I get more cryptic and confusing, let me cut this short. I hope you are all swaddled in sunlight in the coming weeks and every positively associated idea that it entails. If not, there’s always gorgeous clothes. Love and light to all.

Top and skirt, PINK MANILA | Bag, NEON ISLAND