I have a penchant for 60s fashion.

Remember the dress I made and wore here? This was actually my finals for a class – the task was to come up a piece with mixed inspirations -an era & a decade. I chose Egyptian and the 60s.  Not quite sure if it translated well, but I did win best concept! 🙂 (pardon the gloating, I rarely win stuff. #notbitter)

Quick lesson on the 60s – it was a decade of miniskirts, psychedelia, simple shapes and shift dresses. For footwear, boots were popular and synthetic materials became widespread, hence the rise of ‘shiny patent plastic’ (Judith Miller, Shoes, 2009).

 Top turned dress, FORME | Hoop earrings, MANGO | Boots, FOREVER21 | Bobbies and ponytail, GOODY Colour Collection

So many things to say, so little space!

1) I have this urge to study Clothing Evolution again.

2) That sudden urge has been replaced by an even bigger urge to write a Clothing Evolution book. HAHA but this, of course, will only be possible if I finish urge number 1.

3) I promise you, I had absolutely no idea that:

    a) my outfit was matchy-matchy.

   b) that the WHOLE outfit was 60s inspired. I don’t even have a bola about how I ‘modernized’ the look. I just saw the top from ForMe, saw how it was ‘so Twiggy’ and instantly knew I had to get it. The rest were chosen on a whim (although maybe subconsciously I was really channeling Twiggy. Who knows what goes on in my brain). Also, I find it funny that I had about a hundred bobbies  in my hair (well a lot less, really. but still a lot), but no one really noticed thanks to Goody’s Colour Collection. They really do blend with your hair color! So awesome.

So…you believe me, right?