punt roma 570s-270s4

’70s silhouettes have always been lacking in my wardrobe. Flared jeans are amazing and have been on my radar since I started dancing to Britney Spears circa I’m A Slave For You. Unfortunately, US sizes are a little too long for my petite frame. I’m 5’2″. 5’3″ on a good day. It wasn’t until recently, thanks to trickled down trends from the likes of Chloe and Louis Vuitton S/S ’15, that the 70s are making an ubiquitous, not to mention more affordable, comeback via fast fashion.

I previously had to scour old clothes from the depths of my mother’s closet (not always easy) just to get silhouettes I wanted that weren’t commercially available. Now it’s so much easier to find pieces that actually fit – like this A-line denim skirt. For a decade so maximalist in terms of quantity (how many necklaces can one physically pile on without getting neck pains?), I really appreciate the era’s style and silhouettes – loose, flowy, with hemlines moving away from the body – just the way I like my clothes.

Still on the hunt for the perfect flared denims though that aren’t half-a-foot too long. If you find one please let me know. My wardrobe will be eternally grateful.

Top, ASOS | Skirt, ZARA

Photos by Rhea Bue