Let’s be real: the apps we use 80% of the time are the ones that already come with the phone – including social media apps that may as well have come with it. The rest are just downloaded for the sake of 1) having the right tool should you deem it necessary, and 2) feeling like you’re maximizing phone efficiency, storage and Apple’s genius.

More often than not though, these extras teeter on the verge of solely being additional updates on your app store you so effortlessly ignore. So, unless you really are into reading manuals and are extra competitive on app versions, techie add-ons should – and probably would – be avoided.

When they come in the form of an accessory, however, the purchasing game shifts a bit. There are more factors to consider then – usability, wearability, cuteness level and other tough criteria that work to our advantage in convincing ourselves that the purchase is necessary, if only for the sake of fashion. But we at Pormada recently discovered a gadget that has us wanting to make fictitious proclamations: that we are, in fact, techie (when we can’t, in truth, even work a projector.)


Manila, meet Cookoo, a brand that merges functionality and style by offering watches that offer more than sartorial leverage. Cookoo is actually an app that syncs with your iPhone or iPad remotely notifying you of your choice of certain incoming data – calls, emails, calendar reminders, Facebook, Twitter, etc. An added bonus: perpetual recharging is not necessary. In fact, it even prompts when the synced gadget is low on battery so quick action could be taken. Other interesting features offered are the ability to check in on Facebook, play music, take remote photos and videos and more all with the touch of a button.

Our personal favorite: the ability to locate your phone. This might make our knack for misplacement a tad bit worse but hey, at least we’re spoiled with a tracker.

Now, if only there was a tracker for eyeglasses…

My blog post from Pormada reblogged here. Figured I might as well share the stuff I write there. Did something pretty cool with Cookoo a few weeks back – can’t wait to share it when it comes out. I also can’t wait to finally sync my phone with my watch. Just in the process of figuring out how.

Cookoo available at: www.pormada.com