As much as I can’t wait to talk non-stop about my recent trip, I can’t seem to get myself to go through the daunting task of checking and editing photos (maybe even stealing some on the side). So instead, here’s an outfit that accurately represents how terrible I am at dressing appropriately for any weather – as reminded by the harsh cold I’m glad I’m now out of.

See, despite temperatures clearly shoved my way (by way of factual reports and knowing warnings by my best friend – “Alyssa, it’s snowing, okay?”), I just  can’t seem to put my finger down on whether I want to dress hot or cold. Case in point: a mini skirt with a turtleneck knit with the matching flare of noon. The  seeming wardrobe disappointment is brought about by me still semi-thawing from snow-laden countries where all I brought were the thinnest of long-sleeved tops that also happened to be mostly cropped (and that’s despite coordinating outfits in my head. and notebook. and planner). Somehow, warning of the cold never went past the need for comprehensible outfit shots. Or, maybe in my case, the lack of warm things to wear and the refusal to actually purchase any.

So I’ll say it for the millionth time: I love the tropics. I can stay where the palm trees are and where the sun is prickly. I’ll take it. And on a fashion note, I’ll keep adding items like these to my already fabric-lacking wardrobe. Pleated minis, preferably in blush pink, crop tops I plan on keeping throughout the new year and decidedly light jackets much like (or, rather, exactly like) this ForMe one. I never thought a bomber jacket could take this feminine a route but it was (and still is) a must-buy and now I’m happily editing looks with its versatility. I did learn though that when it’s 12 noon, your best bet is to tie it around your waist in the hope of avoiding frying (which I almost did.) I especially like how delicate the print is immediately offsetting any edgy associations the waist-tie might have.

So in spite of all the inappropriate pieces I might have worn and will wear, I think I did a pretty decent job in scoring this jacket – perfect for the bipolar weather we have in the Pines. And in the wise words of Miss Rhode Island in Sandra Bullock’s Miss Congeniality, for the perfect weather “all you [really] need is a light jacket.”

I found my perfect jacket for the perfect day. All other changes in temperature be damned.

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