If you are an avid reader, you would know that I am currently taking the styling apprenticeship class under stylist/journalist Luis Espiritu. If not, well, now you do. 😉 I never really thought I’d be a stylist but since that contest by Oxygen, I realized that I might as well try and see if I enjoy it.

So I had my first shoot under Luis last Monday at the Hyatt hotel. We did two shoots for a newspaper (I’ll show you pics when it’s finally released), the first for a designer and the second for an RTW brand. 🙂

In all honesty, I think being an apprentice of Luis is really helpful to those who want to be in the industry. It teaches you not only the tricks of the trade but also discipline, humility and the value of hard work. Just to share, two of the most important lessons I’ve learned are one, no job is too small, and two, you have to leave whoever you think you are at home and embrace whatever role you’re given. 🙂

Not only was I happy about meeting THE Luis Espiritu who was extremely down-to-earth and sweet, I was also extremely ecstatic that I got the chance to meet designer Louis Claparols. Oh my goodness. I was so kilig that I was skipping. Literally skipping. and he was soooo nice. He even seemed shy coz when he was talking to me he was just leaning against the wall while i was sitting and asking him about his lovelife. HAHAHA he was so nice. It was such a humbling experience (aside from it being such a HUGE fangirl moment). I really admire achievers who manage to stay grounded and kind – you know, the kind that’s genuine and not just for show. 🙂

Since I am a fangirl, naturally I asked for a picture with him. HAHA here it is. 🙂

and here’s another one with another humble yet accomplished personality, Bobby Carlos, creative director of MaxFactor. 🙂

no outfit shot in this post. I look really harassed in the photos. haha lemme just give you the outfit deets. 🙂

Clothes: Top, Pants and belt, Forever 21; Sheer cover up, Vintage; Heels (that aren’t in the pictures), Parfois.

Here’s to meeting more awesome people in the future! 🙂