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Okay, maybe I am too many miles away to sense the energy in SoHo nor the feel the high from entering neverending designer boutiques at Rodeo Drive. But what I do love about Michigan (in the summer, that is) is the abundance of water that I can abuse for photo purposes.

Headed to my neighbor’s dock for a quick shoot – they’re all so supportive lending me their backyards and porches for #selfies and outfit shots. The descent wasn’t ideal in heels so they immediately came off on the way back. I’m pretty into tribal looking garments which I probably should’ve hoarded when I was in actual cultural locations/countries. I didn’t, though, hence a hefty amount of H&M shopping bags with a decent percentage of such – starting with this dress. Also, drop-waist dresses are infiltrating my closet one hard-to-find-dress at a time but I really do like the silhouette these drop waists create.

Had way too much fun with this shoot and having discovered this new background. I usually try to avoid repeating areas easily retained in your memories but I only have a couple more weeks to enjoy this beauty so please try to look the other way (while still reading the post somehow) should my next consecutive outfit posts be in the exact same location. 

My next objective: to shoot in a boat. That fishing boat, perhaps?

Dress, H&M | Heels, SUITEBLANCO