It’s that time of the year again when SMX gets filled with a mob of well-dressed people with painful but beautifully clad feet. And though everyone seems to be obsessed in preparing for a zombie apocalypse, isn’t it a little more sensible to prepare for something equally riveting? (Because yes, I said it. Fashion Week is just as fascinating as a zombie apocalypse. Sorry Walking Dead fans. Vampires, witches and daemons though would be a whole different story.) 

But I digress. Here’s a quick guide of everything I think you’ll need to survive the week ahead.

PHFW guide1

1) Killer shoes and a lot of bandaid. They’re called killer shoes for a very simple reason – they kill all delicate (even not-so-delicate) parts of your beloved foot. I kid. But trust me, I actually think the extra-long AVP loop prior to the show is a way of allowing the guests to let their feet breathe. You know, before running in pain to the next function room. Also, and I am not kidding this time, prevent forecasted blisters by already sticking on your trusty (skin-tone, don’t forget) band-aid. You’ll thank me later.

Phfw Guide5

2) A camera with a battery that’s fully charged. And although it seems like most bloggers have their heavy cameras lugged over their shoulders, I actually never get to use it and rely on for post-show photos. But just in case you get tempted to become a really hardworking blogger – slim chance though between your painful feet and the requirements of the next number- well, you have a camera to use.

PHFW guide2

3. A fully charged phone with AMAZING internet and the skill to Instagram and Tweet simultaneously and incessantly. Internet is obviously important lest all your Instagram posts don’t go through and you nudge that refresh button a million times resulting to, obviously, a million IG posts of the exact same thing. (I’ll be making use of SMART’s LTE so hopefully I don’t spam anybody.) Twitter can be synced so that’s easy. The real skill necessary here is the skill to spot and decide which filter to use. Now that is tough.

phfw guide4

4. Very important. Make sure you have a lot of gas. For some weird, unknown reason, PhFW is always held at SMX by MOA – what I find to be the farthest venue possible. But no complaints. Cursing the traffic jam, driving like a madwoman, then arriving like you don’t have a care in the world are all just part of the experience.

phfw guide3

5. Lastly, use your best lipstick palette. Just because I wanted to include lipstick in this post somehow.

Hope this helps. Currently off to SMX for the SM Ladies show. Wish me luck!