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The only remnants of a former corporate self – my black pencil skirts. Not quite ready to reminisce energy-sucking cubicle colors and my Microsoft Outlook chronicles, I reared memory lane’s ugly head to an entirely different direction – one that involved beanies and casual tanks.

While this outfit – a beanie and a half-tucked oversized tank from Oxygen that readily showcased a piece in my lingerie collection – would’ve landed me a cold, hard sanction in an office setting, it was rather refreshing wearing it to brunch at a quaint little place where every girl is expected to dress like a lady. Felt a bit like a rebel seeing the rest of the women daintily clad – that feeling immediately offset, however, by the realization that to me a beanie is but a cute accessory and not some street/skatergirl/hipster statement/lifestyle. Boo.

Tried to combat how undone everything felt by wearing my Rajo! for Parisian heels – those subtle bows on each side making all the difference. (Incidentally, Nix happened to be in a table nearby so I met him thanks to my choice of [Rajo] footwear.) Also, glad I finally got to showcase this Margiela for H&M bag in an outfit post. Been using it literally every single day since I got it. Maybe a separate entry on it is in order. Maybe. But don’t hold me to that just yet.

HYPE Tank, OXYGEN | Pencil skirt, FOREVER21 | Floral platforms, RAJO! for PARISIAN | Upside-down bag, MARGIELA for H&M