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Here’s the unused outfit for the Giordano street style challenge. While I probably would’ve minded donning the tied at the waist trend along with almost everyone else, I think the striped chunky sweater obviously meant to be worn elsewhere is a fresh(er) take on the plaids we’re so used to seeing hanging low.

Giordano’s spot in my heart for basics is growing bigger with each visit to their store. I was lucky enough to see a preview of their PhFW collection in our pre-prod meeting and I think I loved all the nautical takes and even some neons that probably surprised me more than it would you. While F/W is the season I think I most connect with (color-wise not fabric-wise – I still like baring more than I should), I think it’s time to look more alive and lay off with the pales. Out with the old, in with the neons? I’m probably projecting more courage than what I am really capable of but we’ll see.

How about I start with the nauticals and then we’ll see how the neons fare in my wardrobe? Agreed?

Check out the full show of Giordano S/S 2014 at here: