bestsOkay, a different kind of long distance: the best friend kind. Once upon a time I met a crazy girl in college named Nadine who flew off to a different country a year in. Fortunately, I was equally crazy so the mental (pun intended) connection proved to be strong enough for the friendship to withstand time and distance.

Fast forward 8 years and she’s still out of Manila and when she isn’t, she’s here for a measly 24-72 hours each stay. (I know, I know. Poor me.) She’s also usually out of reach and only very recently succumbed to the endless chatter that is whatsapp. So whenever she’s in Manila I make sure to kidnap her to eat (and eat some more), pen our dreams and plot our lives – plans so intricately entwined.

So happy that I’ll be seeing more of her this 2014 and even more next year. But that tale’s for another post.

For now, with the few hours that I can actually pin her down in Manila, I’ll take full advantage of her newfound love for a smartphone. I actually don’t usually avail of unli network promos ‘coz I’m always glued to my laptop anyway and don’t really need to text that much but when she is here I do for two main reasons: 1) ‘coz we finally can and 2) because she hasn’t lived in Manila for so long that our exchanges are just different variants of our two-hit wonder “Where are you?” followed by “Where is that?”

So I’d like to give a shoutout to Smart’s upgraded Unli Call and Text 25 promo. Not only can we stay on the line trying to describe the things we see and how to probably get to where we want to go (which trust me, takes a while), we can also use our social networks via the Smart PowerApp to ask a third party to help us figure things out.

I suggest this promo for any twosome equally navigationally-challenged. Seriously though, the promo’s pretty great and you can avail of  it by texting UNLI25 to 6406. Check this out for more info on which apps you can also take full advantage of:

And because we only take photos of our food and never ourselves, here’s a much-needed selfie-thon quickly turned into a collage.


Can’t wait for our plans to push through already! Will update you soonest, of course.

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