Mario shirt and maxi skirt, FOREVER21 | Platforms, RAJO! FOR PARISIAN 

My fixation with character shirts ranges from superheroes to Super Mario. Tried to ‘sexify’ the little man, and well, myself, by only half-channeling Jolie’s slit and not at all her curves. So, that didn’t work out. Took out my new heels for a spin – these Japanese inspired platforms by Rajo Laurel for Parisian. This second collab of his with Parisan is amazing – with him successfully borrowing Japanese silhouettes/elements and translating that to an entire collection that I  – and I’m sure every other girl –  pretty much want to own. Taking this experience a step further and declaring to the universe a new dream: to do a collab with a brand, as inspired by Rajo. Not that I can actually come up with anything as magnificent (read:  detail-oriented, cohesive and gorgeous) but still, I dub it a new dream. Meanwhile, I’ll go back to impulse-buying character shirts, ogling beautiful heels and being tempted to double slit heights.