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Saturday dressing equates to heels and bodycons for some, but for me it’s a day of dressing down and slipping into the comfiest of pieces. Usually on the feminine end of the spectrum, I figured I’d take my boyfriend shorts – a recent impulse buy – out for a spin. It feels so liberating being able to walk around in the most casual of pieces without having to fit into the fashion blogger dressing stereotype nor having to worry about a certain set of butt cheeks hanging out. The daily pressure to dress up gets to me too and I often find myself wallowing in a bed full of clothes that don’t seem to look right easily making my morning routine about twice as long.

I probably won’t turn into a full-on androgynous dresser anytime soon though. Frills, flounce and all things “pretty” still resonate most. Still, these boyfriend shorts from Penshoppe are a pretty decent place to start.  Even this bucket hat is from the brand’s men’s section.

But, hey, nobody’s keeping track.

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