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I’ve never met a geometrical reference I didn’t like. Kidding! Probably most of them I don’t like but this one I specifically adore – Triangl Swimwear. Originally from the Land Down Under, Triangl has been making waves in every shore. Pun intended. On Instagram alone my feed has been full of updates from friends in Triangl (I’m sure any beach addict friend of yours owns a pair or two as well.)

So absolutely lucky to be gifted this beautiful pair by my newest favorite swimwear brand. Had it for a while now but the weather (not to mention my hibernating bikini bod) wouldn’t permit. Never not seizing an opportunity, I took a quick dip when I got the chance albeit just in the confines of a pool. (That should explain the red lip – I don’t usually go about in bold makeup when anticipating a water plunge.)

Soon hopefully, this bikini will see saltwater. That’s where it belongs.

Get your fill of this in-demand label at Trust me, there are about 50 more pairs I want to own. Join me in blurring the line between want and need.

Swimwear by TRIANGL [wearing a size Small]