Top, FOREVER21 | Skirt, SABRINA by TEENA TAN | Booties, ALDO | Mother-of-pearl necklace, Bazaar | Stone necklace, DONDI BELEN ACCESSORIES | Stayput ponytail, GOODY 

For the longest time I’ve been adamant about wearing bodycon-anything trying to veer away from what I have dubbed ‘partywear’. Wore a top that can probably be mistaken for a blanket with this fitted skirt from Sabrina too cute to pass up. Picked up these two necklaces on my way out (one mistaken for a Play Doh by a 5 year old, true story) in the hope of looking all tribal – that vibe immediately offset by the lake. Just this once I will let you assume  my way of balancing outfits is by posing in miss-matched backgrounds.