I was really looking forward to seeing Veejay Floresca’s Spring Summer 2012 collection last Tuesday at SMX. So despite him being the last designer to show that night, my friends and I all waited patiently. As expected, he did not disappoint. 🙂

Photos by Rocky de Castro

Last season, Veejay went all out with the cut-outs and the sheer detailing. This time, he toned it down and did simpler and, at times, chunkier cut-outs mostly focusing on basic shapes versus maze-like patterns. Being a big fan of cut-outs myself, I really enjoyed seeing the pieces and witnessing how his aesthetic has matured. And don’t get me wrong, mature doesn’t necessarily mean boring. The trousers with knee cutouts and the pencil skirts with thigh-baring flaps were very fresh. And that red leather jacket used as a skirt? That was a pleasant surprise. (see? not boring at all.)

The designs also seemed cleaner because the cut-outs were more symmetrical, again as opposed to last season’s. Hemlines were longer and the sheer parts seemed more conservative (if you could ever call sheer conservative. haha)

We also saw a lot of leather and lace in the collection. The combination was good – the leather made the pieces edgy and strong while the lace (and the petal detailing) kept them feminine. Oh and I also liked that he used solid colors such as red, black, white, brown and gray. (obviously, I loved his collection.)

And those glasses with lace covering the lenses? I think they were a cute and quirky addition that completed the look. 😉

Congratulations for another successful season, Veejay! 🙂

You can check out his holiday 2011 collection here (my reference! haha) and the new one here. 🙂