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Here’s a different take on the exact same outfit I wore here¬†(yes, by all means, dub me an outfit repeater), only with additional layers to combat winter, not that I was any good at it. In a snow-covered battlefield, I will probably die of frost-bite long before my opponents strike. Apparently, slitted skirts that show skin are not appropriate war-wear.

These pilgrimage outfit photos were taken in a span of 2 minutes on our usual quick way from one church to another in Jerusalem, Israel. I think I wore my sneakers out in one trip. Or rather, I think I wore myself out of wearing sneakers having walked around flat footed for 10 straight days. But these ones are rather cute and hold a special place in my now sneaker-confused heart. They’re leopard print and have a surprisingly pleasant mix of textures, but they’re also very flat and require socks. And apparently, though I’m only able to articulate (and comprehend) it now, I realized I am sock-averse. My toes need wiggle-room.

So we’ll see when I’ll be able to wear my sneakers again. I don’t think I’ll be tempted to wear them sans socks so my feet may just have to learn to deal. I was actually trying on heels a while ago and in a sure-fire sign of maturity, I think I’m learning to stop lying to myself on how “comfortable” heels really are. You and I both know this simple truth: once painful, always painful. So if you try them on in-store and feel a tinge from the get go, drop them and run – preferably shoeless – back to the comforts of your soles.

Now, the comfort of your freezing souls, or at least its flesh-laden carrier, is an entirely different story – one I have to learn and maybe even re-write soon. I learned, fittingly icily, weather idiocy is utterly unacceptable.