I didn’t realize how much the girl in me would enjoy an event that revolved around pastels. And for someone who still blasts The Corrs in her car, I guess I should’ve. Pastel food and drinks, which mostly consisted of saccharine goodness in the form of a dessert buffet (read:┬ápastel coated donuts, yoghurt straws, marshmallows, even jamba juice in the same subdued hues) and a general explosion of all things feminine, my tulle dress and I generally belonged. The program consisted of the quickest yet most colorful fashion show and a q&a with host Kim Jones and fellow blogger Domz Tiu.

We talked about how we felt about the pastel hair trend, generally both wary at first but realized somewhere along the way that it could be fun (it was). Domz and I also talked a bit about styling pastel hair which is something I want to focus on here a bit should you want to try the trend yourself. Unconventional hues, especially in unexpected places (like one’s hair), instantly add personality to any casual ensemble. You can rock pastel streaks even in head to toe black (with stiletto boots, no less) or the opposite, matchy-matchy feminine hues and what I forecast to be a peter pan collar right by the neckline. I kid. And that’s the good thing about pastel hair – it isn’t just for sweethearts who are big fans of the hue – it’s for anyone who wants to stand out and inject a bit of fun to their otherwise monotonous wardrobes (like my dreary blacks and grays).

So if you’ve always wanted to try the trend, coz it seems like it won’t be dying down anytime soon, go for it. Have fun, go crazy if you want, and own it. I may not be as courageous as you but for the few hours I had it in my hair I felt like a new person – happy go lucky and definitely spontaneous – a far cry from the usual uptight version of myself. But enough about me, if you want to go for it, you have the whole rainbow and cupcake color range to choose from.

Seriously though, tell me if you fall in love with it coz, well, #WeLovePastel. I’m sure you will too.