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I’m not sure which is really considered devoid of color – black or white. (This may also be an existential question asked by both hues.) But for the benefit of this post, let’s assume that black is, indeed, a color and white, the absence of it.

All white looks have been, for quite some time now, on trend. White on white on more white has been all over my Instagram feed. Interestingly, I’ve personally never been drawn to it. Pure, clean, pristine are not words or associations I’ve come to prioritize. Not that I look in the mirror every time I dress up and consider the themes that my outfit evokes. No, far from that. I’m just trying to rationalize my aversion to white. Blacks, pinks and reds have been my colors of choice growing up and not much has changed. The few white pieces in my wardrobe mostly only see light of day when church demands a white “blouse” every first week of the month. #ChoirDuties. #Uniform. #LetMeNotExplainAnyFurther.

So the polished white on white look was never even considered an outfit option despite it being omnipresent. I mean that entails a certain kind of lady – one that doesn’t get dirty nor accidentally squirt ketchup in places other than her french fries. She’s also the type whose clothes are perfectly ironed with nary a (hair)strand out of place. And if she doesn’t even eat fries, she’s a little too stuck up for me. I kid. She’s just a little too prim, too proper for a klutz like me.

Luckily, the klutz in me took a well-timed break for the recent Rags 2 Riches lookbook shoot. Stylist Bea Constantino put me in this gorgeous white on white ensemble. I really do like how it turned out and happily ate my then unspoken words. The throw-on chambray polo made all the carefree difference, and for making sure we were comfortable in our looks, I will be forever grateful to Bea.

Now, while I probably won’t be scouring stores for permutations of this all-white ensemble, this turned out to be my favorite look from the shoot. For now, let me go back to wearing all-black again and ordering a large serving of my favorite McDonald’s fries.

And if you were wondering, I do share.

Photography by SHUTTERPANDA
Make up by LEA ANCHETA  
For the #R2RViaje Collection 
Featuring the PATRICIA clutch with interchangeable flaps