Giordano did a little street style challenge with some of the local bloggers to style a Giordano look from our favorite pieces. As a scrawny, tiny girl I decided to play around with menswear and the notion of ¬†borrowing from the boys – a notion a petite person is supposedly off-limits to. I literally borrowed this top from the men’s section of Giordano, got jeans two sizes too big and threw on an oversized varsity jacket to complete the whole boyfriend look. Injected demure details with this sparkly headband, a snakeskin clutch and studded blush pink pumps to keep from looking too undone.

Really glad I was given creative freedom in dressing like a boy. I guess the whole notion of blurring the lines between genders, shapes and sizes is something I find interesting – like categories are slowly being lifted and we end up being removed from boxes we were previously segregated into. I feel like Giordano’s tagline, “World Without Strangers,” is connected to this notion of removing delineations somehow – that the tagline promotes a world where no one is ostracized, left behind and deemed different. And that’s a world I want to live in. Being able to show this by way of one’s outfit is not just easy but something I feel blessed for being able to do. So keep borrowing from the boys, or the girls, or the petites and the bigs, the young and the old and other groupings you want to start breaking.

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Top, Jeans and Varsity jacket all from GIORDANO

Photos by Gerry Robinson

Make up by Diane Lorenzana