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Just like the title’s censorship, the outfit is pretty much PG-13 (or even GP) with embroidered flowers generously sprawled on my skirt. This outfit was unearthed in an Olympic-like excavation session in my mother’s wardrobe. Luckily, I found a bunch of really old denim skirts (and skorts like this one) that may appease my denim anxiety for a bit. Still looking for the perfect distressed pencil one that hits right below the knee. (And the one that hits right above the knee but then flounces about 4 inches outward.)

I realize this outfit probably made me look younger than I should – around 14 is my guess – but I have come to accept, that when everybody around me is all wrinkly and becomes best friends with their rejuvenating creams, I’ll be mistaken for somebody decades younger and, then, I wouldn’t mind.

For the record, I’m turning 24 this year. But that won’t stop me from wearing pieces that are probably as old as I am nor pieces that may be fit for someone much younger.

Just throwing it out there.