My first ever online shopping experience? Awesome.

Well, yeah, it was with awesome friends (blogger friends who share the intensity when it comes to shopping!), there was good food (Bon Chon to be exact. thank you!) and yeah there was also a post-shopping photo shoot with our new stuff, but still, I bet without those I’d still enjoy shopping at

I’m sure I’ll be talking about Zalora a lot but just to give you a brief intro, Zalora is the biggest online mall in the Philippines and the only one so far that offers all these amazing benefits:

1) 3 hour delivery within Metro Manila (1 day otherwise)

2) No shipping fees

3) Free return/exchange!

4) Cash on Delivery is allowed! (it’s like ordering pizza. seriously)

Plus their brands and pieces are awesome to boot!

The truth is all this time I’ve been so hesitant to shop online. The main reason being you can’t return/exchange the items you buy. I’m such a sucker for the right fit that if I shop and it doesn’t fit right, I want to be able to have it exchanged/returned. (Actually, I wouldn’t wanna buy anything in the first place if it doesnt fit right.) But with Zalora and their free return/exchange policy, how could I have said no to shopping??

They had us come up with a wishlist and here are the three pieces I wanted: 1) Sequined cropped top from Style Hub, 2) Wonder Women tank from Zoo and 3) Lace espadrilles from Sueno de Espadrilles.

And those are what I got! 😉 

With Tracy! She bought the gold top and the gold bag.

With the gorgeous Ari of Zalora and Lexi, seatmate of the day 😉

The Z Team! Ari, Martin and my awesome kabarkada, Kat! 🙂

Tin bought that leopard print dress. It’s so her, don’t you think?

with Pax this time 🙂 You should see her post-shopping outfit, she looked like a model for Ensemble!

After shopping outfit: Wonder Women top, ZOO | Black maxi dress, H&M | Four finger rose ring, NAVA | Bun Spiral, GOODY

That’s everybody. sort of. the bloggers plus the Zalora girls -also known as the Zembots

If you wanna try that 3-hour delivery for yourself – which I really suggest you do – just visit Let me know how it goes. Happy shopping, folks!