The likes of Buzzfeed and Thought Catalog have dedicated articles on the special relationship of girl best friends. From visiting bathrooms in packs to unspoken understandings, to the all around crazy that an outsider looks at in disbelief, best friends are a rare kindling of like spirits.

On the other hand, it’s also been said that a friendship is best kept that – personal and friendly. The moment you enter a binding business, the friendship is set to fail. Many have fallen into the trap of mixing the personal with the professional. Very few friendships survived.

Meet Aira Medina and Alyssa Gibbs, best friends for almost a decade, proving everybody wrong each and every time – in #Twinning style, no less.

I’ve been lucky enough to know these kindred souls since high school, where it all started, so a recent chat with them felt equal parts nostalgic and inspiring. Read up on Ri and Chi’s latest venture, Neon Island (one I am personally a huge fan of), how they started and how they’re staying afloat, how they balance their friendship and business and how they’re both contributing to the local retail scene and being socially responsible all the while inducing major style envy.

neon_island_interview1 neon-island-interview3neon-island-last2

I ended the interview asking them if they actually like neon stuff.

Ri: Me, personally? No.

Chi: How can you say that? *laughs* I think I do- as accents.

Ri: I like it in Greek! *laughs*

I personally don’t like neon either but Neon Island? That’s a whole different story.


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