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There are certain promises – or resolutions if you may – that you make during your birthday. It’s a redemption of sorts or a do-over for all those resolutions you declared during the New Year that we both know you broke.

This time, I’m making mine a little bit simpler and easier to follow through. Now that I’m 24 I promise to dress up more: go out of my black comfort zone, take more risks and just generally put more effort into dressing up (i.e., not grabbing and wearing the exact same pieces over and over.)

But because I’m still getting used to this new sartorial challenge I’ve inflicted upon myself and wrapping my head around the concept of color, here’s a cheat outfit – composed of things I’d basically wear everyday if I could. Easy, no brainer sandals, a loose dress and a ┬álong black piece to wrap myself with.

Otherwise, I’ll try to keep a sunny disposition and an even sunnier outfit. Especially now that the remaining traces of summer are quickly slipping my bikini’s grasp. Summer woes aside, this challenge is meant to remind me to take giant leaps of faith. Hoping that my wardrobe mentality would seep into the cadence of my life.

And just in case I get cold feet, which I probably literally will thanks to monsoons, it’s okay. I’m blanketed by the idea that black on black will always be on point and closed boots always chic. With a safety net safely cast, here’s my advice: spread your wings and take that leap.

Also, disrobe – both metaphorically and literally.

Dress, ZARA | Kimono, H&M | Sandals, BIRKENSTOCK