Sweater and skirt, Forever 21 | Open toe booties, Aldo | Bag, American Eagle

Photographed by Hannah Reyes

Nico Aquino (of Nima) and I just wanted to take outfit shots outside the tent the night of the bazaar.  But with Hannah Reyes as your photographer, you get so much more.

I felt like a Harry Potter character in that outfit of mine. Maybe it was the skirt. or the glasses. (or the reindeer?) haha Nico, on the other hand, looked adorable (not to mention like a normal person) in her Nima top. 🙂

The buildings in Rockwell reminded me of the States and I suddenly missed it – the snow, my cousin’s peppermint white chocolate candies, the smell of hot cocoa in the morning. Soon.

Christmas is making me all sentimental. Sheesh.