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No, I don’t mean the style evolution we all go through over long periods of time. I mean the evolution that happens within the day in a span of minutes or hours when we add things we think would complement our outfits better. Like when we buy new shoes and walk out of the store in them, old ones boxed in tow. Or when we buy new accessories and realize we want to use them already ‘coz it “totally matches our outfit!” Sometimes it’s also out of necessity, when we buy flats to aid our throbbing soles and almost bursting blisters. I think it’s always interesting that we can’t seem to 1) get our hands off new things (a trait present in all kinds of new items most especially gadgets) that we want to give them a test run right away and 2) stop styling ourselves to look our absolute best. We fix up & retouch abut a billion times a day so it makes sense that novel items would somehow find themselves unto our bodies – purchased or otherwise borrowed. (I still have jackets of friends I don’t plan on returning anytime soon.)

I dropped by the VansXStarWars collaboration launch yesterday in a beanie but ended up transitioning to a bandana right after I got it. First of all, a product from the collab, the bandana has storm troopers all over. Second of all, if I even need a supporting argument to the presence of storm troopers, I stopped wearing bandanas in grade school after it become the accessory of choice in our grade school intramurals so the novelty was really appealing.

Turns out I forgot how to wear them and, on separate occasions, ended up looking like a motorcycle enthusiast (think Harley Davidson riders minus the beards, tattoos and the muscles) and an alternative medicine healer. I know, my bad. I finally figured it out, because the competitive in me can’t deal with a problem unsolved, and took to wearing it the rest of the night.

In other collaboration news, am extremely excited to wear their Yoda-printed floral sneakers. At least those wouldn’t need much figuring out. Everybody else seems to be sneaker adept, let’s just hope I’m not the odd one out.

Unless they come with shoelaces undone.